Take out insurance online, extend or change contract data - in just 5 minutes

In this section you can quickly and easily take out a new PROTRIP-WORLD-H insurance policy, extend your existing contract or adjust your contract data if, for example, your address or bank details change.

PROTRIP-WORLD-H is a group contract solution providing insurance cover during stays abroad for members of the Living Abroad Community e. V. (LAC) and for participants of affiliate partner companies and organisations. Upon your signature of the contract, you will receive a certificate of enrollment that will provide you with information on insured persons and range of services.

In order to purchase PROTRIP-WORLD-H insurance cover, you only need to do two things: fill in the application form and check whether all entered information is correct. Then simply confirm your application - that's it!

Do you prefer to send a letter or fax? You can also download and fill in the application form as a PDF file and send it to us by mail or fax.

Do you require advice?
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