Your advantages from PROTRIP-WORLD-H

What are the main aspects to know regarding an international liability insurance? We have compiled a list for you that includes the key advantages of PROTRIP-WORLD-H.

Advantage 1: High insurance sums

Overseas insurances often cover only low sums. The insurance sum of PROTRIP-WORLD-H is

€5,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage, and €1,000,000 for financial loss. Details can be found in the overview of benefits.

Advantage 2: Protects travelers and host families alike

Where travelers stay with host families abroad, these families are also be covered within the framework of the liability insurance. Personal injury and damages to immovable as well as movable property of the host family are covered without a deductible.

Advantage 3: Internships are covered

Damages occurring during internships which are part of studies or an Erasmus Plus programme are covered: without a deductible and in the amount of the agreed sum; Damages occurring during internships which are not part of studies or an Erasmus Plus programme are also covered: up to an amount of €10,000 with a deductible of €100 per damage case;

Advantage 4: Complies with the Erasmus Plus requirements

Within the EU-criteria for Erasmus Plus programmes, a personal liability insurance is requested. The insurance must also cover claims which occur during accompanying, career-oriented internships. PROTRIP-WORLD-H fully complies with these requirements.

Advantage 5: Insured while working as an au pair

Liability losses occurring while the insured person is working as an au pair are covered.

Advantage 6: Damage to rented property is covered

Whether in the hotel, the hostel, the rented apartment or in the student dormitory: included is the statutory liability insurance for damage to property and all financial losses arising therefrom, up to €1,000,000. This applies to rented buildings, accomodation, and other rooms in buildings rented for private purposes.

Advantage 7: Risk of key loss insured

Supplementary cover extends to the policyholder’s statutory liability arising from the loss of private keys belonging to third parties. This also includes primary and master keys for central locking systems. Coverage extends to the costs incurred in the necessary replacement of locks and locking systems, as well as to temporary security measures (emergency locking): Up to a sum of €30,000;

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