Information for students, doctoral students, and trainees

What you need to know if you want to spend some time abroad as a student, doctoral student or trainee.

Liability insurance is an important safeguard

According to the German consumer organisation "Stiftung Warentest", the personal liability insurance ranks among the most important insurances. Do not travel abroad without a personal liability insurance with worldwide validity. Especially when staying abroad for a longer period of time, the liability insurance from the country of origin often does not provide protection. Review your existing coverage and purchase PROTRIP-WORLD-H additionally in case of doubt.

Professional liability insurance for trainees often obligatory

Prior to commencement of the internship activities, many employers abroad request proof of a professional liability insurance for trainees. This is automatically included in the coverage of PROTRIP-WORLD-H.

Landlords request proof of a personal liability insurance

Many landlords of student apartments, as well as student services of dormitories request proof of a personal liability insurance prior to allowing the tenant to move in. If you enclose a copy of your PROTRIP-WORLD-H insurance certificate to your application, your chances of finding accomodation will increase.

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