Information for universities and exchange organisations

As university or exchange organisation you are not obliged to conclude a liability insurance for your programme participants. However, there are several good reasons for concluding a group contract solution.

Liability risk is not being adequately foreseen in many regions of the world

Especially outside of Europe, the conclusion of a personal liability insurance with worldwide validity is not very common. At the same time, one often assumes that within Europe every person has a personal liability insurance. Thus, conflicts are often virtually inevitable.

  • Landlords of student apartments, as well as student services of dormitories request proof of a personal liability insurance of you or your participants.
  • Employers of trainees request proof of a personal liability insurance of you or your participants.

Being an Erasmus Plus partner, you are obliged to safeguard the programme participants

Being an Erasmus Plus partner includes the obligation to make sure that the participants possess the mandatory protection which is predetermined in the EU guidelines. A liability insurance at the workplace is part of it.

Furthermore, you need to inform the participants of the importance of a personal liability insurance. In case of a loss you will need to prove that sufficient information was provided, otherwise the university or organisation may be held liable.

Avoiding conflicts with tenants and host families

In our everyday lives, things occasionally break, no matter whether we are at home or abroad. However, if the loss is only noticed after the participant's departure, this might be a disappointment. In this case, the host family often turns to the organisation. If you appreciate a good relationship with the host families – maybe you would like to work with them again in the subsequent year –, you will argue out the liability losses of your programme participants. In times like these, it will be a relief if PROTRIP-WORLD-H at least covers the costs of the losses.

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